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Last Updated: 10/12/2023

Below are the general terms & conditions. Dates and fees may change from tour to tour. For tour specific information please refer to the terms and conditions on the travel brochure specific to your tour.

By making any payments (cash, credit card or otherwise) towards any tour constitutes your unconditional acceptance of all the terms and conditions stated in this brochure. Holy Land Travel Center shall be referred to as HLTC within this document.


DOCUMENTS: US citizens require a valid passport. Other nationalities please inquire with the appropriate embassies.


REGISTRATION AND DEPOSIT: Deposit of $500 per person is required upon registration along with a signed copy of the registration form on or before April 31, 2023. Registrations are processed in the order received by HLTC Final payment is due 45 days prior to departure. Late payments are subject to $50 late fee. HLTC reserves the right to cancel reservations whose payments are 30 days late and to apply applicable cancellation/penalties indicated below. No registrations can be made over the telephone.     


INDIVIDUAL CANCELLATION FEES & REFUNDS: Upon cancellation of participation of tour by you, the registrant, for any reason, and only after HLTC receives your signed cancellation, HLTC will then refund your payment for services not received by you, minus applicable cancellation fees per person, according to the following schedule:            

1) Minimum cancellation fee is $500 from time of registration up to 120 days prior to the tour’s departure date.


2) From 119 to 60 days prior to departure day, the cancellation fee is $500 + 20% of total price.


3) From 59 days to 31 days prior to departure day, cancellation fee is $500 + 50% of total price.


4) From 30 days prior to departure day onward, no refund is possible.


TRAVEL PROTECTION: Travel insurance is recommended to help protect you and your trip investment against the unexpected. For your convenience, we offer travel protection. If you do not wish to purchase now, the plan can be purchased any time before submitting your final payment. Coverage takes affect once payment is received. If you chose to purchase outside of the time sensitive period outlined in the plan, you will not be eligible for time sensitive benefits. All plan premiums are non-refundable. To view/download the plan, which provides the full coverage terms and details, including limitations and exclusion please visit our website: www.holylandtc.com/travel-protection/              

MEDICAL CONDITION: We endeavor to provide the highest level of service to all our passengers. Participants who require special assistance must be accompanied by a qualified helper who assumes total responsibility for the participants’ well-being. This pilgrimage demands a lot of walking and can be strenuous. HLTC is not responsible for any medical conditions that occur prior to, during, or after the tour.              

LAND TRANSPORTATION AND TRANSFERS: By private deluxe motor coach.


ACCOMMODATIONS: Tour prices are per person, based on two persons sharing double or twin-bedded rooms with private bathroom with tub or shower. In the event that one does not sign up with a roommate and is not able to be paired with another traveler, there will be a single supplement charge to the account. Single rooms subject to availability and an additional cost indicated on the brochure.


MEALS: Meals in accordance with the itinerary. All beverages are extra.


TIPPING: Unless it is specified in the tour brochure, the price of the tour does not

include tips and gratuities. Tipping is recommended to the tour guide and motor coach driver approximately $6 and $4 per person, respectively, per day to each: Hotel tips are approximately $2 per day per person. Tips may be pre-collected before the pilgrimage for your convenience.       


AIRLINE TICKETS AND ITINERARY LENGTH: Air transportation to/from your destination will be economy class aboard carriers utilizing non-refundable, non-amenable tickets. Preliminary international flight schedules are available 60 days prior to departure and may change before they are finalized. Therefore, if you book

the domestic flight on your own, you will be responsible for changing your domestic flights and incurring any change fees that would be generated by this adjustment. We are not responsible for changes and delays in airline schedules and do not reimburse passengers for expenses resulting from such occurrences. Travelers making their own flight arrangements should not purchase non-refundable, non-changeable tickets. We cannot guarantee the most direct routing to your final destination. If flight schedules change, we reserve the right to lengthen or shorten the itinerary accordingly, and if changes or flight schedules necessitate extra overnights, you will be charged at normal hotel rates. Land Only packages do not include airport-hotel transfers.


SEAT ASSIGNMENT: THERE IS NO ADVANCE SEAT SELECTION FOR TOUR DEPARTURES. HLTC cannot guarantee specific seats, which are at the discretion of the airline and are pending availability. When HLTC disperses travel packages, you will receive your record locator. You can use this locator to do online seating arrangements, if permitted by the airline.


BAGGAGE: Transatlantic and transpacific flights to and from the USA allow the passenger to bring one (1) checked bag, which may have a maximum weight of 50 lbs., and maximum combined dimensions of 62 inches. Also, one (1) “carry-on” with maximum dimensions of 8″x12″x20″ is permitted. Luggage on domestic flights including Mexico & Canada will cost extra. Luggage is the passenger’s responsibility and that of the airlines. For lost luggage, the passenger is responsible for notifying the airline directly. Check with your carrier regarding carry-on luggage rules and regulations.       

PRICES: All prices are based on exchange rates and fares applicable at time of quotation and based on minimum number of paying passengers stated in the brochure and are therefore subject to change if fares change (including fuel surcharges increase), if group does not reach minimum or if exchange rates fluctuate. Minimum number of paying passengers is 20.


NOT INCLUDED: Passport and Visas, meals not mentioned, beverages with meals, extra beyond standard menu, excess baggage, luggage on domestic flights, telephone calls, fuel surcharges increase.


VISAS: When and if a visa or visa waiver is required, it is the passenger’s responsibility to obtain one. HLTC, owner, agent, or employees cannot be held liable for clients not having proper passports, visa, visa waiver, or other travel documents. Cancellations or changes to schedule due to a lack of appropriate documents will incur usual penalties. A Passport Card is not useful for International Air Travel. Attempting to use this instead of a Passport Book will result in a denial of boarding by the airlines and entry by the legal authorities.


Visa for Europe – ETIAS

– As of February 2024, Americans, Canadians, Australians will need to apply online for travel authorization for Europe.

– This applies to all travelers, and all ages.

– Fee approx. $9. Per Person

– The program is called ETIAS. Some refer to it as “visa for Europe “it is not a traditional visa but needs basic details about the traveler and their trip.

LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: HLTC hereby expressly disclaims any liability for any personal injury, property damage, Loss of baggage, accident, delay or irregularity, any claim for special or consequential damages or any other loss which may be occasioned by the acts and/or omissions, whether negligent, intentional, wrongful or otherwise, of any air carrier, hotel/motel or other lodging operator, railroad operator, bus operator, public transportation, sea carrier, local sightseeing company, tour operator, tour leader or spiritual director, any employees thereof, or any other entity or individual not under the direct supervision and control of HLTC when engaged in conveying the passenger or in carrying out the arrangements of the tour, or otherwise in connection therewith. HLTC likewise expressly disclaims any responsibility for losses or expenses incurred, or inconvenience caused, due to delay or changes in schedules, defaults, over booking of hotels or airlines, sickness, weather, strikes, quarantines, pandemics, epidemics, acts of terrorism, constructions, war, force majeure or other such events which are beyond HLTC’s control. HLTC likewise hereby expressly disclaims any liability for statements, actions or inactions of any intermediary agents such as group administrators, spiritual directors or tour leaders, travel agents or any other intermediary involved with the selling, promotion or operation of its tours. Group administrators, spiritual leaders and tour leaders likewise hereby expressly disclaim any liability for the acts and/or omissions of any of the above entities and/or individuals not directly under their supervision or control. Please be advised that the liability of carriers as well as providers of hotel and lodging accommodations is limited by law and you may thus wish to consider purchasing additional insurance to protect yourself against any losses or injuries suffered as a result of their acts and/or omissions. In all instances, HLTC’s liability shall be limited to the amounts paid by you for participation in the tour, and subject to the provisions and cancellation fees as set forth in the ‘Brochure Terms and Conditions’. In the event that the tour leader and/or spiritual director named in a brochure or itinerary does not travel with the group, and a substitute is not named to replace such person(s), then HLTC reserves the right to make substitutions of its choosing for such person(s) in the operation of the tour. Tour Cancellation by Operator: On rare occasion, a tour departure may be cancelled due to lack of participation. In the event that HLTC would decide to cancel a departure, a full refund will be issued (not including travel insurance). HLTC is not responsible and does not assume responsibility for any additional costs or any fees relating to the cancellation of air tickets or other arrangements not made through HLTC. Cancellations due to state advisories and/or state warnings, Pandemic, Epidemic, Acts of War, War, Terrorism, Acts of God, Natural Disaster, Force Majeure or any other circumstance outside the control of HLTC, are not the fault of HLTC. Great effort will be made to accommodate passengers on another trip, postponed date or to revise itinerary, however, cancellation for any of these reasons will not be eligible for refund.            

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