about us

The Holy Land Travel Center

The Holy Land Travel Center was established by a husband and wife from Bethlehem with a desire to share their land, cultural experiences, and religious history with the world. The Holy Land Travel Center began offering Christian pilgrimages to the Holy Land and the ambition and hard work has taken off, allowing us to now offer pilgrimages to many other countries and holy sites. With our relations and connections, we offer a unique opportunity to be fully immersed in the Christian community of the Holy Land.

Pilgrimage itineraries are professionally organized and tailored to each group’s needs, providing the highest quality and best spiritual experience. We treat you like family from the first day, where you are welcomed into local Christian homes, offered stories of faith, and access to holy sites. With the experience and knowledge of the Holy Land, there is no time wasted feeling out of place or trying to settle in. With our attention to detail and each individual customer, you will feel right at home during your pilgrimage, with your family in Christ.

To us, this is not a business; it is a passion to reveal the local Christian community to pilgrims. We hope to help give travelers unmatched religious experiences that deeply enrich body and soul. We promise to give you the best pilgrimage you have ever taken, and always be the lowest price for the quality you will receive.